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Your Logo

Just go to the request page, fill out the form and upload your logo. Don't forget to tell us what colors to use! If your team or school does not have a logo we can create one for you. (Just let us know what your group's mascot is.) NO SETUP OR DESIGN FEES APPLY. License Plates and Stick Family Packs also available upon request.

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We Create Your Decal Pack

We create a customized decal pack for your group. Once your artwork is approved - We will ship order forms and up to 50 packs to you within 3-4 business days. Order forms allow your group to fund-raise ahead of time so you don't have to commit to buying fundraising products before you know how many you can sell.
We also offer a Free Website to sell/order from with a minimum purchase requirement,. Call 888-700-5863 for details.

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Your Packs!

SELL, SELL, SELL. Our product equals Profits larger than most, sells easier than the rest! Once your group has finished fundraising, all order forms should be tallied, the amount sent to us and your Packs will be shipped to you. Your group collects the funds when the order is placed so all you have to do is deliver your Packs to your supporters. It's that easy! We also offer a Free Website to sell/order from with a minimum purchase requirement. Call 888-700-5863 for details.

The Best Sports Fundraiser

Looking for a fundraiser to raise money for equipment this season? Pride Packs are the most profitable fundraiser out there, and the best part is that they sell themselves. Parents and kids can show their pride and support their team at the same time. Compare it to other school fundraisers and you will see why we are the #1 Fundraiser. We have the highest profit margin of all fundraisers and a quality product to back it up.

No money down to start. We send you a minimum of 30 packs up front and give you 30 days to pay with a purchase order.

We also offer a Free Website to sell/order from with a minimum purchase requirement. Call 888-700-5863 for details.

Pro Packs, Family Pro Packs, Half Packs, Family Half Packs & License Plates now available!


Pro Packs

Buy Pro Packs for $10.00 and sell them for $20.00. Pro Packs are a full 12" x 12" decal pack. Pro Packs are the most popular choice, with three or four larger decals and more importantly larger profits! Pro Pack Family Packs consist of 1 custom decal and 12 family members.

We work with your group to create a pack that best suits your needs. Compare to other items with $10.00 profit. The difference is theirs cost $50.00+. You would have to sell 500 candy bars to make $500.00... or... only 50 Pride Packs to make $500.00.

Half Packs

Buy Half Packs (with two large decals) for $6.00 and sell them for $12.00. Sell them along with Your Pro Packs for even more profits. Family Half Packs consist of 1 decal and at least 6 family members.

License Plates

We also offer high-quality, full color, plastic license plates. Why not support your team and ride with pride. Sell them just like Pro Packs. Buy them for $10.00 and sell them for $20.00.

Looking for the Best Fundraiser

Sports Fundraiser, School Fundraiser, Church Fundraiser, Non-profit Organizations, you name it - just about any type of fundraising group can use this program. We only use high quality vinyl that can be placed almost anywhere. Contact a representative with any questions you may have at 888-700-5863.

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