Team Fundraising

Tired of making pennies on the dollar from cookie dough and candy bars? Want to make more money faster and easier with a different product? Pride Packs are the only 50% profit fundraiser that you'll find sells itself. People already buy decals to support they're team - why not let your team be the one that sells them? We have the highest margin return rate of any program. Compare that to other programs that your making $10/per item - the only difference is you have to sell a $50 item to make $10. With Pride Packs you can't go wrong - no more perishable foods - recieve something that shows your pride and support all season long.

Pride Packs Order Form

Getting Started

Order forms allow your group to fundraise ahead of time so you don't have to commit to buying fundraising products before you know how many you can sell.

  • Sell before you buy
  • No money down
  • Free Customized order forms with purchase order of 30 packs minimum
  • No more over ordering
  • Sell Pride Packs at concession stands, school stores, games, and events
  • Let Pride Packs help you sell online with a web presence

Easy Start Program

Just give us a Purchase Order and we will send you a minimum of 30 packs with no payment required up to 30 days. Order forms are FREE when you use our Easy Start Program. We'll send your customized order forms, at no cost so you can start selling before you place your order with us.

How Do Order Forms Work?

Your group starts by ordering order forms. Each team member collects orders and payment from their supporters. Once your team members are finished fundraising, all order forms will be tallied, the amount sent to us and your Pride Packs will be sent. You deliver the Pride Packs to your supporters. Your group collects funds from their supporters when the order is placed so all you have to do is deliver. It's that easy.

Fundraising Tips for Kids

  • Use the buddy system
  • Be cheerful and courteous
  • Say "Thank You" if they buy or not
  • Never enter homes of strangers
  • Explain your cause to customers

Other Great Fundraising Ideas: